Wednesday, 2 November 2011


flash fiction about the sea and selkies

 I caught the scent of fish and realised she'd managed to find her coat. So imagine my shock when I found her not gone but sitting in the armchair, staring ahead, stroking the coat in her lap.
I just wanted you to know, she whispered, That I would've stayed anyway.

50-word story by Lisa Falzon


  1. I love this piece and love your whole blog, very inspiring and powerful......As the saying sometimes goes, Less Is More.....

  2. This is great. I like the fact that it uses smell and touch. The image even gives it a temperature! This is great blog! I'm coming back!

  3. A very powerful image .... I love reading your blog .....

  4. Oh, ever so slightly similar to something I wrote about my daughter...
    I'm always happy to see a new poem from you, Lisa.

  5. Hey Ann, that's a brilliant piece! :)

  6. This really is brilliant writing. You manage to say so much in so few words.


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