Monday, 23 May 2011

Lightly Polluted

He noticed, on leaving her
new house, that one couldn't see the stars as clearly
from this place.

Light Pollution.
Terraced houses watched her now, not trees.

He glanced back.

She looked diminished, almost ordinary in her new doorway.

Perhaps this was the perfect place for falling out of love.

50-word story and photo by Lisa Falzon


  1. Baby the stars shine bright. Just beautiful. x

  2. I like how the words are pasted on an image. Cool.

  3. Well go on darling, how do you expect us to carry on without you?
    It's been over a month already.

  4. Very effective. I like your style!

  5. Yeye, he ain't worf the door frame framing 'im, blocking zi stars and all. i'd high-tail back, did ya get a read on the moon phase?

  6. Achingly powerful! You have such a fantastic way with words. I am always inspired to write on after reading one of your flashes.

  7. Thanks for all the feedback :) Page210, do you also write microfiction?

  8. I do write some flash, but I go a little longer, usually between 150-500 words. If you stop by, I'd love some feedback!

  9. Havent been around in ages. Happy to see that you are still sharing your brilliant corner of the world :)

  10. I like the Jenny Holzer/Barbara Kruger use of text. The pathos of the story is something I can also relate too and it went well with the image and the font.

    Really strong piece!

  11. I absolutely love these, this one especially. Are they available for purchase? Printed on a canvas or something?

  12. Hey Unbelievable!

    They will be available shortly as prints. Check out some samples here...

  13. Yes BUT polluted by light, apparently?
    And BTW - don't forget World Earth Hour (WEH) and the WWF, this 31st March 2012 - 6 years on from the first ever EH in Sydney, Australia -

  14. Hello Lisa - I've been trying to find a specific contact page somewhere on your site, but can't so am putting this up here in the hope that you see it.

    I love your site, your stories, poems and artwork are just the things that I'm looking for to include in a publication (a short story magazine) that I am currently trying to put together for UK distribution. If you would like to know more, could you please send an email to so I can discuss with you what I have in mind.

    Thank you very much - love your work!



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