Monday, 17 December 2007

Tiny Tim

"But it's Christmas!" my husband protested.
"We're NOT inviting Tiny Tim," I hissed.
"Meanie! It's because he has one leg, isn't it?"
It was the truth, of course. I felt awful.
I looked down at my own two stumps and began to cry.
"He lords it over me," I sobbed.



  1. good one... i like wit married to cruelty...

    btw i really liked your painting easy to capsize... seeing i don't have a livejournal account thought of leaving you a msg here.. :)

  2. ah! this one's so clever. i like it.

  3. Wow, you are really good at these. I really liked this one, nice artful misdirection and you really do tell a complete story in 50 words.

    This is going to sound like spam so sorry but would you like to write some stories for my 50 word fiction site

    Or at submit some that you've already written, I'm trying to get as many good stories as I can.

    Thank you and either way I have linked to your excellent collection of stories.


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