Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Another Sea

flash fiction

Here's another stubborn sea
whose pull can sweep my legs from under me -
Waves that steal me from the beach
to drop me where my toes can't reach.

But being  kinder, older, fairer, bolder,
this ocean spares her coldest shoulder.
And lets her current
take me
where you aren't.

One for Valentine's day, folks...

50-word-poem and art Lisa Falzon 2012


  1. Once again ..... I love it .... :D :D ......

  2. As much as I despise Singles Awareness Day in all its forms, I like the concept of your 50-word fictions. It must be a challenge.

  3. Haha Samuel, most of my 50-word stories are love/hate poems of some kind, so I guess it's Single Awareness Day everyday as you put it ;)

  4. Beautiful graphics and beautiful poem!

  5. Really beautiful. Lovely to see a new story up.

  6. beautiful, Yes


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