Friday, 15 May 2009

My Monstrous Act

Many years ago I hatched and raised a little sea-monster.

He outgrew first bowl, then bathtub, then pool.
I took him, tearful, to the ocean.

Last I heard, he was skirting the edges of ancient maps. I wonder if he ever thinks of me, this scaly one that I forsook.


  1. Really gets the images flowing thru my mind. You could easily promote this site as a sort of Muse to jump start stagnant artists :D

  2. That's awesome man. Very vivid language. I like how you paint the story with so few words. Do they any have inner meanings or are they just off the top of your head?

  3. They all have meaning, audio loop - they just don't all pertain to my life in particular (though some do.. just not telling which :P) but they are all multi-layered. Very few times am I moved to write something merely for writing's sake.

    Sometimes it is for superficial humour or irony-value though. Does that count as writing-for-writing's sake?

  4. I think everyone's had to let go of someone they love before. That's what this means to me. I'm sure your sea creature thinks of you.

  5. awesome stuff, love the blog. keep them coming :)

  6. Oh but JT, it is not about me.
    If it were in fact, I would rather not be thought of at all.


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